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HTML5 Video Player 1.2

Converts and creates fully web compatible video files
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HTML5 Video Player is intended to create videos that can be played on any modern web browser supporting HTML5. This application converts source videos from practically any format into Theora OGG, MP4 and WebM, which are fully web compatible. It has a nice and intuitive interface; onto which you can easily drop the desired clips. Luckily, you can process them in batches.

Before making the desired videos ready for the web, you can also perform very simple editing changes. Thus, you can extract just a fragment from every source clip and rotate the image to the desired position. Likewise, you can take snapshots of your favorite frames. Still, other more complex editing operations are not supported.

Good news is you can customize the appearance of the player that is shown on the webpage. In this regard, you can specify video size as well as choose a theme and a skin. Likewise, you can set the video to start automatically and continue to play until the user closes the page. Fortunately, the results can be previewed on various major web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

All in all, HTML5 Video Player worked perfectly when I converted various videos. It not only made the selected clips ready for the web but also created the lines needed to insert them in the page code. The application has the main advantage of being very easy to use. However, this is the result of its also being very specific. So, if converting video to HTML5 supported formats is just casual for you, it would be a better idea to get a more versatile converter and make sure it allows encoding movies for the web.

Pedro Castro
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  • No difficult decisions as to the required format
  • Processes file batches
  • Supports multiple source video formats
  • Customize the appearance of the web player


  • No complex editing operations
  • Support of a very narrow range of output formats
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